Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Marc Faber: April 2014 Commentary

Marc Faber notices an shift in stock market leadership. He writes in his latest April 2014 Market commentary via GloomBoomDoom.com

"I also examine an ongoing shift in the stock market’s leadership away from high flying concept and momentum stocks into more defensive sectors."

Faber suggests that Stocks may be near a top by adding the following comments in the end of the report.

I am enclosing two reports. The first report Break-even inflation – reflation time, and longer-term opportunities is by my friend Laeeth Isharc who is one of the smartest and most intellectual individuals that I know of. Isharc opines that, “The consensus narrative is ….that inflation is not an immediate problem, and that the central bank knows very well how to defeat inflation once it becomes evident.” He, however, believes that, “these concerns over deflation and weak growth will turn out to be mistaken, that it will be more difficult to control inflation than most anticipate, and that tactically the timing and entry level are right to take the other side of the trade and bet on reflation by entering a long break-even inflation position.”

The second report is by Jawad Mian who is a fund manager living in Dubai. In his most recent reflections he discusses the possibility of shorting US internet and biotech stocks and his views about inflation.