Monday, July 28, 2014

The Fed will not change its monetary policies

It’s pointless to talk to Fed members about economics because they are academics who believe in money printing. 

Some of them believe they didn’t print enough, and so with these kinds of people, it is like running to the pope. What do you want to tell them? It’s pointless to spend time with these people trying to convince them that their monetary policies have been very destructive. They bailed out Mexico in 1994, and there was an EM bubble until 1997. They then bailed out LTCM (Long-Term Capital Management), which gave a signal to leverage up. Then they had the Nasdaq bubble, then they printed again and had the housing bubble. 

David Hume(an economist) and Irving Fisher( an economist) said bubbles are very destructive to the majority of market participants. They lose money, the minority makes money. The Fed doesn't see it that way so it is pointless to talk to these people.