Monday, August 4, 2014

A lot of assets could be worthless in the future

We could have some kind of deflationary bust, we could also have some kind of inflationary bust.

If the inflationary bust occurs, then it will be followed by deflation. If we have a deflationary bust, it will be followed by high inflation. It doesn't really matter, the end result will be a further impoverishment of the middle class and the lower 40 percent of income recipients of in the western world. They will not participate in the money printing and boom and busts. They will be impoverished. Then the social mood will be very bad.

The government irrespective Democrats or Republicans, they want to protect their friends, their Lobbyists, they will go to war, and the whole thing will collapse one day. There will be a reset and during that reset a lot of assets will be worthless, like the whole derivatives market will cease to exists.