Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders is quite an intelligent man but has misguided views of the economy

I don't support any of the available candidates, but if I had to make choice - in other words, if you put a gun in my face and say: "Marc, you must choose someone, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump" - for sure, I would choose Donald Trump, because he's a businessman and he has some common sense and he's an outsider and not necessarily supported by the Republican party. 

If you look at her [Hillary Clinton] period during which she was Secretary of State, the U.S. committed several aggression's in the Middle East, including, also, the invasion of Libya. Libya, which was probably, the only properly functioning African Economy. So, I would say that her achievements with nation building have been a catastrophe. And then, if you put yourself into the shoes, of, say, Mr. Putin, or of the Chinese - she declared while she was Secretary of State, America's Pivot to Asia. Wouldn't you consider that to be an aggression? China has never started a war, they were always drawn into wars by foreign powers, and now the U.S. acts in provocation of China.

My favorite candidate in terms of intellect - unfortunately, with misguided views about the economy - but in terms of intellect, is, actually, Bernie Sanders. He's quite an intelligent man who already in 2003 attacked the U.S. Federal Reserve, at that time Mr. Greenspan, that his monetary policies have created wealth for Wall St. and for people that own assets, but have done very little for ordinary people in the U.S. - and this has been now proven to be correct, and even Mr. Greenspan, later, in 2008, in a Congressional Inquiry, accepted the fact that his models have been flawed.