Wednesday, July 20, 2016

US embargo on Russia will not hurt them much

All I can say is that we had already free trade for hundreds of years between different countries, and we had merchant families in the world that traded goods and so forth. I don't think that for free trade you need an EU or you need the TPP and so forth. You can have bilateral agreements for free trade. 

What you certainly do not need for free trade is a country like the U.S. that declares an embargo. They had an embargo against Myanmar. They had an embargo against Cuba. For what? They have an embargo against Russia. You think Russia cannot buy your Mercedes car? They can import everything through China. Russia has been surrounded by countries - Baltic countries and also Balkan countries in the South, also in Central Asia, countries that have specialized in smuggling for thousands of years - and Americans, they think that an embargo will hurt Russia? It is ridiculous!