Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton

I think it would be good for the world if we had a U.S. President who is not a neocon and that is not guided by people like the Bush family and Dick Cheney and so forth, but someone who is prepared to see the world the way it is. The world is not as it was a 100 years ago where western powers were able to colonize the world and impose their will. 

Today, we have countries like India and China and even Russia that have become very powerful. And so we have to negotiate with these countries keeping in mind their perspective, not just our perspective of the world. 

And this is something Hillary Clinton just can’t do. She was Secretary of State so we know what her record is. She supported the invasion of Iraq. She supported and launched the invasion of Libya and she supported also the nation-building in Egypt and the war in Syria – all major disasters. And so I am saying to myself, maybe after all, Trump is a better choice.