Monday, June 12, 2017

Faber's Market Predictions You Wont Hear This From The Mainstream Economists

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Excerpts from the interview
-We are dealing with manipulated markets by Central Banks so it is very hard to predict.
-Markets can go much much higher before it all blows up

-Diversifying assets - own some Equities, Real Estate, Cash & Bonds, Precious Metals, 

-European markets will outperform US this year and their valuations are much lower than US.

-Prices of Real Estate in good areas of Toronto are very high but two hours out are not very high.

-Real Estate in the country side are more attractive and does not have the downside risks of where the speculation is occurring such as the Condo flippers. 
-Real Estate safer to invest than Financial Assets. Real Estate will Not go to Zero where as financial assets could go to Zero.

-Consumers in USA and Canada are tapped out - too much debt.