Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gold prices at an attractive level to buy

On Gold
"We were up last year by around 9% and this year we’re still up 6-7% so it hasn’t been such a bad currency and this is against the U.S. dollar. My view is, of course, the [gold] price will eventually go up much higher. Around this level, it is an attractive opportunity to accumulate."

US Federal Reserve
"I’d like to see the day when they reduce the balance sheet and the market reaction because if stocks go down…I think the Fed will be very reluctant to increase interest rates and even more reluctant to reduce the balance sheet"

“The whole exercise that central banks have begun of accumulating assets on the balance sheet, it cannot end well. It will end in a disaster, we just don’t know when.”

Asset Price Bubble
"We have inflated asset prices and if the asset inflation comes to an end and asset prices decline, I think it will hurt the system.”

US Dollar
“I don’t think anyone should be positive about the U.S. dollar in the long run. I think it will go down against gold.”