Monday, November 18, 2013

Central banks will be destroyed by market forces, Gold to be linked to paper money

I think, what will eventually happen is that the market forces will destroy central banks. It’s actually interesting, based on the losses that the Federal Reserve already has, they have now negative equity. Of course they don’t go bankrupt because they can basically print money – but it is where the commercial enterprises would be bankrupt. 

I believe one day the financial system including derivatives, whole leverage and so forth, will go up in the air and then voices will come up and say, well who actually created this whole mess and at that point the central bankers and Mr. Bernanke say well, he is the John Law of the 21st century.

And then I think we will go back, probably to some kind of an agreement between countries whereby gold plays a role. We never had a fewer gold standard in the sense that there was only gold used to transact. You always had gold, but also the paper money, in 19th century also. But paper money had the linkage to gold. And I think we will go back to that system eventually.