Thursday, January 2, 2014

Invest in a quality financial planner for results

I seldom go to see doctors but when I do, I like to be ideally with a doctor who is a friend, understands my unhealthy lifestyle and in whose judgement I can trust. I have no doubt that trusting a doctor will significantly accelerate the healing process. 

In the world of investments people’s investment results would be better if instead of trading online day and night they would have a close relationship with a capable and honest financial planner who could provide them with advice and occasionally with a second opinion. 

What really amazes me is that people want to see the best and most expensive doctors (okay, the government or the insurance company pays), buy the highest quality products, but will use the cheapest possible way to transact and invest their funds. 

The journey along the investment road is an arduous one and it is very important that you have a good companion who comforts you when “bad luck” strikes and who is at the same time a reliable guide that helps you find the way. 

Less affluent investors will of course argue that the access to top financial advisors is only open to high-net- worth individuals. That is unfortunately the case and I wished I could change that because small investors need more help than already very well to do people. 

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