Thursday, June 11, 2015

Marc Faber expects to make more money from India investments than USA

I came to India in 1973 and went to China later, including Shanghai in 1990. There was nothing there at that point of time. If you look at Mumbai today and compare its infrastructure with that in Singapore, Hong Kong or even Bangkok, it has lagged behind. The infrastructure has improved, but too slowly. The state of roads and railways today is still very poor. 

India tends to build new roads when the old roads cannot handle the traffic. And by the time new roads come up, the traffic increases so much that they do not serve their purpose.

Capital market growth has been positive in 2014-15, with a dollar terms growth of around 25 percent. The India Capital Fund rose by 48 percent because it had large exposure to the financial sector. I was positive on India in 2013 because I was confident that it would rally once the new government came to power. 

In the next five to 10 years, I think I will make more money from Indian markets than the US.