Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Assets: Long vs Short

Would Dr Faber go Long or Short ?

The Federal Reserve: Short
The European Central bank: Short
The People's bank of China: Short
USD: Short
Euro: Short
RMB: Short
Japanese Yuan: Short
Thai Baht: Long
Gold: Long
Oil: Long
Steel: Short
Natural Gas: Long
Soybeans: Long
Windmills: Short
Solar power: Short
New York Property: Short
Silicon Valley Property: Short
London Property: Short
Beijing Property: Short
Hong Kong Property: Long
Shopping malls in China: Long
Facebook: Short
Apple: Short
Tesla: Short
Uber: Short
Amazon: Short
Tencent: Long
Alibaba: Long
S&P500 Index: Short
The Hang Seng Index: Long
The Shanghai Composite Index: Long
Hedge funds: Depends
Planet Earth's Environment: Short
Containing climate change: Short
World peace: Short
Terrorist attacks: Long
Social unrest: Long
Donald Trump: Long
Hillary Clinton: Short