Monday, July 16, 2018

Trade War is a negative impact for the markets worldwide

The US led "Trade War" may have a negative impact on global equities according to Marc Faber.

"There is less or hardly any growth in Europe. The Chinese economy has been slowing down, as well as other Asian economies. The US stock market by any measure is highly priced. We have recessions in Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. We have currency weaknesses around the globe in dollar terms, which is a sign of monetary tightening, and now we have also this so-called trade war. Some people may suffer more, and some less but a trade war cannot be beneficial for anyone. In general, it is not a positive for the global economy or the financial markets."

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dark side of convenience

Marc Faber is thinking philosophically and shares the questions posed by two people of the benefits of modern machines, computers and electronics designed to make life better for humans.

"Tim Wu, a law professor at Columbia, recently penned an essay entitled The Tyranny of Convenience in which he argues that, "In the developed nations of the 21st century, convenience - that is, more efficient and easier ways of doing personal tasks - has emerged as perhaps the most powerful force shaping our individual lives and our economies….Though understood and promoted as an instrument of liberation, convenience has a dark side. With its promise of smooth, effortless efficiency, it threatens to erase the sort of struggles and challenges that help give meaning to life. Created to free us, it can become a constraint on what we are willing to do, and thus in a subtle way it can enslave 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

More signs of world economy slowing down

Marc Faber's latest commentary is now out. He writes about what he sees as an elevated slowdown in the world economy. He thinks this could be a warning sign to reduce long stock market exposure.

"Concerning my negative views about equities I would like to add that an important technical signal has turned down badly: the Smart Money Flow Indicator (SMART Index), which is calculated according to a special formula.           
The broader point I want to make is that we can see an increasing number of signs and indicators that point to a major slowdown in the global economy and to disappointing corporate earnings. Therefore, I reiterate my previous recommendation that investors who are overweight equities should really reduce their heavy exposure. "    

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Marc Faber June 2018 interview

Click here to download the audio interview

Topics discussed

-US policy makers
-Chinese steel producers 
-Trade discussions are distorted
-Most people want more government (not less government) according to statistics/polls.
-High Rents in certain US cities
-Standards of living West vs East