Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Democracy needs to prove to world

Today we have a government in the western world that have more vultures that receive something from the state than people that actually pay for it. And so I think that Democracy is an untested system. We have maybe 7000 years of history of civilizations and democracy is roughly maximum hundred years because in many countries full democracies were only introduced less than a hundred years ago. 

The country that basically invented democracy - Greece, only certain citizens could vote, not everybody.

Historically we have to see the outcome of democracy, I don't believe it will be a good outcome. I have seen in Asia- Japan in the 70's, 80's, South Korea 70's, 80's, Taiwan 70's, 80's, Hong Kong until today; these countries never had democracies and they prospered. I have seen prosperity already in cities like Venice, Florence, Vienna and they didn't have democracy. So I'm not sure democracy is the best system. Its not yet proven.