Tuesday, April 5, 2016

American voters fed up with the status quo politics

I think that the American people have figured out that both the Democrats and the Republicans are one in the same mafia family. They protect each other. Both parties know so much dirt on each other that they never speak about it. So there is a status quo, it's no progress at all. Because they each have something on each other and so the independent candidates who, I'm not sure they will do it, but at least they tell the voters, "Listen, we're going to do something different." 

And I believe actually that both Sanders and Trump, especially Trump, because he must be very angry at the wealthy Republicans that are so much against him, he's going to go after them. And Sanders, I believe him, that he's going to go after the big banks and Wall Street, because they have really, in good English, screwed the man on the street. What exactly the outcome will be, and whether they will be elected is another question because the establishment both on the Democratic side and the Republican side will fight like mad.

But I think the Democrats realize that the Clintons are over. It's a vicious family and dishonest, and they don't want Hillary Clinton to be the next president. And on the Republican side, they realize that the candidates that the establishment favor, like Rubio, they are not what the people really want. I think the best chance at the present time goes to Cruz. And my view would be that Trump has a very good chance if he can keep rallying people behind him.