Monday, May 9, 2016

Marc Faber says US Government is disliked all over the world

The US is still a superpower, from a military point of view. From a prestigious point of view, the US is in the dumps, because everybody in the world now realizes what kind of a hypo-critic leadership the US has. They go around the world and tell people about democracy. They tell people about human rights, about torture, about evil regimes, about nation-building, and what do they do? .....Torture... It has been exposed. It’s a complete joke and you had Dick Cheney and his mafia colleagues telling the world that this was absolutely legal, and so forth. I mean, it’s a complete joke. They come and advise other countries how to run their business, and so forth, and themselves, they live by American exceptionalism. 

So the prestige of the US is gone, forever, and nobody will ever trust the US anymore. The Americans, when they travel alone, they’re welcome everywhere, but nobody in the entire world likes the US Government any longer. That should be clear. They’re the laughingstock of the world, the laughingstock.