Thursday, September 21, 2017

Emerging markets, US Dollar, Chinese stocks could do well

US Dollar short term rebound
"I think the dollar could easily rebound by 4 to 5 percent, or maybe even more. Longer term, I'm obviously not optimistic about the U.S. dollar. You just have to look at the U.S. administration and their economic policies that will not be very conducive for dollar strength in the long run"

Fed and US Govt policies
"They're actually shooting themselves in their own feet, so long term I'm obviously negative about the U.S. dollar."

Battle of the currencies
"The question is which currency is much better than the U.S. dollar? They're all not so desirable, that's why some people invest heavily in the so called crypto-currencies."

"I don't want to increase my bond exposure. Every year, some bonds are maturing, and as a result I'm reducing somewhat the bond exposure. I think the environment going forward, as had been the case in the first six months of the year, is that active managers can perform well by being overweight."