Monday, January 22, 2018

Precious metals are an attractive investment for 2018 | Market overview

Marc Faber in the interview with GoldSeek talks about Central Banks balance sheet and how the market has become very vulnerable. 

Other topics discussed as follows
-Previous metals could move up huge this year.

-Cryptocurrencies boom could be over. The main reason cryptos has gone up is pure speculation.
-Stock market is overbought.

-Possibly not a bad time to raise cash. This is the asset class that is most neglected at the present time. Everybody wants to hold real estate, stocks, cryptos. Marc Faber makes the bullish case for cash by saying, "I would say why dont you hold some cash."

-The Japanese Yen and Japanese Shares could rally.

-The Euro could go higher.

-The bond market is clearly manipulated otherwise the interest rate in Europe and US would not be this low.

-Young people may be the losers with the loose monetary policies. Dr Faber says, "I benefit from this money printing."