Monday, March 2, 2015

Vested interests in making sure Greece stays in EU

The Greek problem has been postponed, it hasn't been solved and the problem is really that it has debts, the country with its economy simply cannot service or pay the debts amount which amount to something like  $250 Billion to $300 Billion and the economy is not strong enough to support that. 

Second, in the discussion on Greece what is frequently overlooked for the NATO, EU and the US, an exit of Greece might open up an opening of closer relationship between Greece and Russia or Greece and China, and that the western allies want to prevent at all costs. So I think in the context of Ukraine where the West will have to make concessions that Russia controls Eastern Ukraine including the strategically important cities, at the same time a compromise will be made that Russia stays out of Greece and that more money will be forthcoming from the EU, maybe partly also paid by the US. But strategically speaking NATO, EU and US don't want Greece to leave because it is strategically very important.