Thursday, June 2, 2016

War is good for defense related stocks

In principle, nobody wants war, but who knows? Under Obama, I don’t think it will happen. But in future governments, who knows? I hope it will not happen, because war is horrible, and the Western world, it does not have the spirit to fight wars anymore. You look at the millennials. How many of them do you think will be on the front-line. I have to laugh when I see all these Facebook clowns. I don’t think they’re committed to it. If you think they’re going to fight the war. 

They’ll send some soldiers, mercenaries, and the mercenaries are basically out to make money, not to fight really wars for the purpose of an ideal or a purpose. And so the outcome is going to be disaster. If the US couldn’t do any better in Afghanistan and Iraq, what do you think would they achieve against China or Russia?

It’s going to be a disaster, but for defense stocks, it may be good. For gold, it may be good. I don’t know. But I’m actually happy to be 68, so I’ll pass away in, say, 10 years time. Don’t have to watch the disastrous economic and geopolitical decisions of the Western world. Sometimes it depresses me. Believe me.